G&G Abogados y Asesores Fiscales, S.L.P. provides comprehensive legal advice for individuals and organisations in the following areas of law:

Civil Law

Civil Law is the branch of law that regulates those aspects relating to the individual.

HERNÁNDEZ GIL defines Civil Law as General Private Law, the objective of which is to regulate the individuals in their organisational structure, the rights they are entitled to as such, and the relationships that come about from being family members and holders of property in the community.

Our office’s specialists in Civil Law can resolve issues that arise in the areas that make up this multi-disciplinary field, such as:

  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability, debt recovery, contracts, customer and user services and claims, collective consumer actions, intellectual property, rights of honour, privacy and image.

Family and Inheritance Law

Our professionals shall defend the interests of their client in family and inheritance issues, and shall be particularly considerate with regard to the feelings and sentiments that come into play when dealing with matters of this nature.

We can help you in areas such as:

  • Divorce proceedings, family mediation, prenuptial agreements, modification and settlement of matrimonial property agreements, unmarried partners, disability, legal custody, guardianship, kinship, maintenance claims, protection of minors, inheritances, planning of estate and testaments, inheritance proceedings, relatives’ claims.

Property Law

G&G Abogados has extensive experience in providing legal advice and defending clients in the property and construction sector, ranging from out of court negotiations and contracting to interventions in legal proceedings. We specialise in the following areas:

  • Rented property, sale and purchase, off-plan property development swaps, joint freehold/residents’ associations, real rights (usufruct, use, mortgage, surface, projection, easements, etc.), defence of the right to property in the broadest sense, eviction proceedings, actions for recovery, declaratory action of ownership, negatory actions, mortgage law, Property Registers.


The G&G team offer their services for the negotiation, drafting, execution and termination of contracts of any kind in the civil and business sectors, such as:

  • Sale and purchase, earnest money, leasing, transport, collaboration, guarantee, supply, service provision, execution of works, mandate, agency, brokerage, deposit, loan, free loan, recognition and debt deferment, etc.

Commercial and Company Law

Our professionals are highly experienced in the fields of commercial and company and can provide solutions to issues in areas such as:

  • Commercial contracts, articles of incorporation, book keeping, resolution and mediation in disputes between shareholders and partners, sale and purchase of participations/shares, drafting of minutes of company bodies, statutory modifications (address, name, capital increase and reduction, etc.), structural modifications (transformation, division, merger, general assignment of assets and liabilities), dissolution and liquidation, reactivation of companies, intervention in bankruptcy proceedings, family protocols, claims against company administrators, Commercial Registry processes.

Tax Law

Our experts in tax and fiscal law provide effective advice on accounting and tax obligations that affect individuals and legal entities in areas such as:

  • Accountancy, tax consulting and planning, tax declarations (Income Tax, Company Tax, Property Tax, Donation Tax, Inheritance Tax, Transfer Tax, etc), help with proceedings before the Tax Administration Service (inspections, legal claims, etc.) management of proceedings before the Internal Revenue Service. Resolution of Injunctions and Appeals.

Criminal Law

Our experts in Criminal Law can provide assistance to individual and organisations for both prosecution and defence in any kind of criminal proceeding. Some examples of the service we provide are given below:

  • Traffic offences (drunk driving and/or driving under the influence of narcotic substances, driving without a licence, without points, etc); offences against the Inland Revenue Service; Property offences (fraud, embezzlement, theft, shoplifting); assault and battery; crimes against public health; crimes of gender and domestic violence; offences against family relationships and desertion of family (non-payment of maintenance; breach of visiting regime, etc); misdemeanours (traffic accidents, damage claims); Compensation claims arising from traffic accidents; defamation; Crimes against freedom (threats, duress, etc.); misrepresentation; crimes and misdemeanours committed by minors.