Our office is fully prepared and equipped to provide legal support for any company in any sector of the economy facing issues in different areas of law. Business people are currently subject to considerable pressures in terms of taxation that make it vital to have easy and direct access to professional consultants who can help them make the right decisions.

There are business sectors that cannot afford the luxury of having a legal department in their companies; this would represent an excessive cost and would not fully occupy the professionals that make it up. The solution can be found in having the same legal service at no significant financial cost.

This is our mission: to provide legal advice and support to companies and professionals in the many legal issues they may find themselves involved in throughout their existence.


G&G ABOGADOS Y ASESORES FISCALES, S.L. is a law firm that offers solutions to the many problems, doubts, needs and conflicts that arise throughout our lives.

Family, home, work, etc., in short, daily life entails a series of relationships with others that sometimes require legal support from qualified professionals.

We are at your service to personally and conveniently cover all these needs, in a relationship based on trust.