Logistics and transport sector

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the national and international legal framework in regard to land, sea and air transport. For more than 25 years, we have been providing legal services to a wide array of companies in a sector with a common denominator expressed in a variety of forms: multinational companies, local transport agencies, forwarders of logistics projects, fleet operators, small self-employed business owners, transport cooperatives, and transport operator networks, among others.

Real estate

We know the real estate sector inside and out, guiding private clients and companies in the negotiation and acquisition of properties, accompanying them throughout the entire contracting process. In addition, we provide comprehensive support in any contingencies that may arise during real estate situations and transactions: earnest money agreements, purchase and sale contracts, real estate brokerage, common ownership, commonhold divisions, leases and real rights, etc.

Management of SMEs and the self-employed – Administrative and tax issues

We provide legal support in the key management areas for SMEs and the self-employed. Tax returns and filings, income tax returns, accounting, advice on signing contracts with customers, suppliers and other issues such as data protection. Our aim is to work with each business owner or self-employed individual in such a way that they can focus on their business, avoiding contingencies or incidents through prevention and compliance with regulations.
We also handle any communication from the authorities regarding taxes and requirements, appeals, claims before the economic-administrative courts or, should the need arise, in the contentious-administrative area.


We provide legal advice and representation in family law proceedings: divorces, separations, termination of common-law marriages, custody of minors, modification of matrimonial agreements, separation of assets, etc. All this with the aim of achieving the best solution to situations that are often highly emotional, defending the interests of our client, their welfare and that of children who, ultimately, are the most in need of protection in such proceedings.

International mobility

We offer legal advice and support services to national and foreign entrepreneurs who want to settle in Barcelona and create or acquire a company or buy or develop a real estate construction project. And we do this by helping to plan the “before” of the project, offering advice on handling the time of the move and relocation and continuing to provide legal assistance once the client is established and once their personal activity or company is up and running.

Corporate consulting

As legal advisors in the field of business, we apply a two-pronged approach to the work we do for our clients. As external professionals, we maintain the necessary distance to guarantee an objective, technical and reliable approach, while at the same time maintaining a commitment to working closely with their team, which allows us to better understand the situation in each case.


We provide legal advice to companies and are specialists in regulatory compliance (code and ethics channel, harassment prevention protocols, data protection, ESG, etc.).

We have developed a system that we adapt to the needs of each company, taking care of drafting protocols, training, co-management and document maintenance, facilitating compliance and lightening the workload which, when outsourced, reduces costs and provides professionalism. We work from outside with the team inside.

We have extensive experience in sectors such as logistics and sport, which are particularly sensitive to social and personal conflicts.

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